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Our Infant classrooms feature low 1:3 caregiver-to-child ratios. These ratios allow us to give individualized attention to our smallest clients. Warm, caring attachments are built between each child and her primary caregiver. Activities specific to the children's development are implemented by teachers, and a variety of sensory, art, language, and motor experiences, both indoors and out, are offered on a daily basis. To make life easier for busy parents, disposable diapers, wipes, Gerber baby foods and cereals, and formula are provided by the center.

Waddlers are busy discovering new and exciting things, and our waddler classroom offers a safe and friendly environment to do just that. For the majority of the day, our teacher-to-child ratio is only 1:4. Children spend time with their primary caregiver every day, so they have the love and support they need to explore the world around them. Diapers and wipes are provided in this classroom, as well as breakfast, lunch, and two snacks daily.

Toddlers have a need to be independent, and our toddler classroom helps them successfully grow into their own person. Children learn to put on their own jackets, serve their own food, and assist in cleaning up and caring for their surroundings. Curriculum in this classroom is comprised of a mix of individualized and group-oriented activities, and children have plenty of choice in how their time is spent. Our 1:5 ratio (from 8 AM to 5 PM) allows teachers to interact with children in small groups, to maximize attention and learning. The toddler classroom provides the same amenities as the waddler room, as well as offering toilet training support.

Our Preschool and Pre-K - Our Preschool group focuses on social and self-help skills, as well as literacy, math, and science. The Pre-K group is dedicated to kindergarten readiness, and children have opportunities to practice writing, reading, and math skills in the context of engaging projects and hands-on experiences. A 1:7 ratio creates a classroom where teachers are able to engage children on both an individual and a small group level, and lesson planning is tailored to the interests and developmental needs of each child. Children participate in a field trip at least once per month. Breakfast, lunch, and two snacks are offered during the day.


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